• My name is Gwen. My days are spent mothering, crafting, walking in the woods or on the seashore, celebrating and dreaming. I'm inspired by ships and mermaids, pirates and misty seas, aran and celtic knits, mossy forests, swallows, swifts, folktales, farmland and rolling hills, barns and front porches, old houses, warm quilts, family feasts, woolens and snowfalls in the dark of winter.
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why barn raising?

  • Some of my most loved memories as a child involve family traditions and how they celebrated our togetherness. We raised a lot of barns as a family, so to speak, and continue to do so. I want that for my own family as well. I've also thought a lot about the togetherness of our communities given the quick pace of the world today. How are we to raise barns together as a village with the busy schedules of modern life? The answer, for us, begins at home- establishing rhythms and creating traditions that will carry our family through the busiest of times; grounding and connecting us along the way. I hope to share that journey here.

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